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An actual play podcast focused on exploring the intersections between gender, sexuality, and mental health.


June 3, 2018

We are currently playing Blades in the Dark by John Harper. We update every other Sunday.

Make Your Move is an actual play podcast focused on having fun creating the stories we want to see in the world. We explore the intersections between gender, sexuality, and mental health, primarily through thinking about how those things would present themselves in highly fictional settings (in this case a waterlogged, mystical, post-apocalyptic world). As queer people, we want to create worlds that themselves are intrinsically queer, and have some fun stretching them to their limits. Make Your Move is a podcast about engaging with tabletop games in order to create stories by queer people about queer people, and hopefully for at least some queer people. This project comes out a place of excitement and love for games and storytelling, and from the frustration we felt at seeing a gap in actual play podcasts.

The stories that Make Your Move focuses on do not always center around the process of coming out or facing discrimination as much of the mainstream media surrounding queer people does. As MYM is staffed and created by a group of queer people, the reality of the world does not escape us, we have just chosen not to focus on the hardships of being queer, and leave that storytelling to other people.

We use queer rather than LGBTQIA+ because we feel it encapsulates our identities better, and in defiance of some current opinions about whether or not queer is sufficiently reclaimed. We are using queer as an umbrella term within our work, but understand and respect that many LGBTQIA+ people may not want to be identified as queer. For us, queer means destabilization of norms surrounding how our stories are told, and which conversations our voices are heard in. We found that the podcasts for tabletop games tend to center around cis/het folks, and wanted to work to create an alternative for people to listen to and engage with.

We also have a blast creating Make Your Move, and hope that when people listen they do so with the same amount of glee that we have in creating.