Sea (it/its) is the MC and plays the child thing, Root (it/its + she/her). It works at a library and has been eating up fantasy novels since it could read. This is its first time running a tabletop game (not to mention being on a podcast), so it’s excited to learn how to create an interesting story on the fly.

Root is one of a group of feral, inhuman children living in the sunken cruise ship Empress takes its name from. It spends its life eating literal garbage and hiding out from the “wolves” chasing it and its siblings.


Caroline (she/her) plays Marilla, the water bearer, and makes some art for the podcast. She is really into podcasts and tabletop RPGs, so MYM is literally her dream come true. She also enjoys sewing, sci-fi, and flowers.

Marilla (she/her) is the exasperated leader of the Gambrel Pool, where the citizens of Empress come to commune with the ghosts of the dead and heal in its hot springs. Marilla is dragged into adventure by Cosmet, Root, and her curiosity about the world outside the Gambrel Pool.


Clarissa (fae/faer) plays Cosmet Martyr, the faceless, and does the audio editing for the podcast. Fae is used to being the MC in Apocalypse World games, so it’s a nice change of pace for faer to get to play while somebody else MC’s. In faer spare time, fae enjoys cooking and baking, and consuming whatever queer media fae can get faer grubby little hands on.

Cosmet Martyr (she/her) always falls back on violence if she can’t think of another option to solve a problem. Spending time around Marilla has tempered this a bit, but only because Cosmet sometimes worries about Marilla getting caught up in the consequences of her actions. Cosmet cares less about what happens to her in the long run than what happens to people she even marginally cares about, but you won’t catch her telling anybody that.