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An actual play podcast focused on exploring the intersections between gender, sexuality, and mental health.

Meet the Cast

November 12, 2017


Sea (it/its) is playing Visa Cygnus for the Psychics arc, but MC’d for Empress. It works at a library and has been eating up fantasy novels since it could read, so it’s excited to take up a player role with a fantastical game.

Visa Cygnus (she/they) is able to pull objects from other planes of existence, and mostly focuses on the more physical aspect of her other psychic abilities. They’re hellbent on finding their  roommate/girlfriend, Ophidia, who they’re convinced was stolen away as part of a multi-front experiment.

Caroline @flowersfabric

Caroline (she/her) plays Hazel Knight and edits the podcast, as well as making art for the podcast. She is really into podcasts and tabletop RPGs, so MYM is literally her dream come true. She also enjoys sewing, sci-fi, and flowers.

Hazel Knight (she/her) is a touch telepath who joined the institute 2 years ago after she made a post on her blog about her abilities that was read by two people: her best friend and the Institute. Hazel processes what she experiences through books and reads massive amounts of fiction.

Clarissa/Clei @hyperdriveursa

Clarissa (fae/faer) is the MC for the Psychics arc, and is looking forward to getting up to some shenanigans with the other two. Fae has MCed a few other Apocalypse World and miscellaneous other tabletop games, but this is faer first experience with hacking a game faerself. Fae knows fae has a lot to learn, but hopes the experience will be fun regardless. In faer spare time, fae enjoys cooking and baking, and consuming whatever queer media fae can get faer grubby little hands on.